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Chapel and Music

The Power of Play with Music and Chapel

SPELC’s Chapel time is a non-denominational lesson.  Your family does not need to be Lutheran or members of the Church for your child to attend SPELC.  On Mondays we are excited to have our Pastor and Associate Pastor lead our Ruby, Topaz, Emerald and Pre-K classes in Chapel.  Our Chapel Coordinator leads an age appropriate Chapel program in the Sanctuary Tuesday through Friday for all children.  Miss Kelly has been with SPELC for many years and has a special style that reaches each child.  Every class focuses on a theme and covers a bible story, object lesson, songs and prayer. Examples of our themes are: Jesus welcomes the children, God made me and I am special, Noah’s ark, Loving, Forgiveness, Christmas and Easter.








Our Chapel Coordinator also teaches Music daily to the Emerald and Pre-Kindergarten classrooms, focusing on listening to and repeating rhythms, playing musical instruments, and learning from guest musicians. The children love this class as it allows them the opportunity to learn about music and instruments before they begin elementary school.