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Scholastic Books

The Power of Play: Helping the Children

Fundraisers allow SPELC to continually upgrade the quality of early childhood education that is offered.


Scholastic is here!  For those of you who don’t know about this wonderful program, let me take a minute to introduce you.  You may recall these fliers from when you were a young child in school.  This is the same company.  They offer a lot of great literature at discount prices, usually much less than the bookstores or even Walmart.  You fill out your order and turn it in to the office with a check or order online with a credit card and we will distribute the books to you when they come in (about 1 to 2 weeks after the due date.)  Its easy and fun!

The school earns “points” for your orders and with these “points” we “purchase” things for the school and your child’s classroom.  In the past we have earned enough points for a new computer in the office, a new VCR/DVD player for the program and TONS of books and various supplies for our classrooms.  Most of the CD players in the program and most of the books in our current library (see the teacher workstation) came free from bonus points over the years, as did our Big Book library.

We’ve enjoyed a great return from our parents investment in reading and we believe our students have too!  Reading with your children now is one of the best things you can do to promote achievement in school!  We hope you find this program to be of assistance in that endeavor at your house!

Be sure to check out all of the options available online.
There are more choices and selections than you’ll have in the flyers and pay with your credit card!
We also get more bonus points when you order online.
If you have any questions please email:

Great literature!  Great prices!!
Great benefits for our classrooms!
No shipping or taxes

How to Order: The first two months of the school year, your child will receive book club flyers in their cubbie with a cover letter.  The following months order forms will be available outside the ELC Office.  Reminders will be sent via email, at the beginning of each month, regarding the due date for each order.

Ordering using the Flyer:

  1. Choose items you wish to purchase
  2. Fill out the order form at the back of each flyer
  3. Put your child’s name & the class & day that they attend,
    i.e. Johnny Smith – Ruby  W.
  4. Cut out each order form you are ordering from
  5. Add up the total amount from each flyer
  6. Write one check for the entire amount, made payable to SPELC
  7. Staple your check to the order forms and drop off your order in the ELC Office.

Ordering Online:


Click on Parents – Get Started

Enter 5 character Class Activation Code: HXNQ3

The order forms you receive in your cubbies are available for view online

  1. This is a private and secure website, and you pay by credit card
  2. You can order up to the due date listed on the monthly flyers
  3. The Class Activation Code will always remain the same.
  4. We receive notice of your order, while your credit card payment is sent directly to Scholastic
  5. Your order will be sent to SPELC and we will distribute it to your child
  6. SPELC gets credit for all online orders you place.